Winter is here, which means that you need to take care of your wiper blades. Many people make the mistake of waiting until winter passes before they change their blades, but this can be costly and dangerous. Winter Wiper Blades are highly recommended because they better handle snow and ice than summer wipers do. They also work well in rain, sleet, sun glare, and heavy fog conditions. If you want to keep yourself safe on the road during winter weather or just want to save money by prolonging the life of your blades then consider investing in these all-weather accessories!

Winter wiper blades are designed to last for many icy cold months. They come in two variations: traditional style and beam style. Traditional blade wipers have steel-made ribs with silicone coverings, which provide maximum all-season wiping performance. These types of wiper blades are flexible enough to always keep an optimal contact pressure on your windshield at all times. The beam style has a durable glass-reinforced polypropylene body and graphite coated tension springs which reduce the probability of squeaking noises.


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