When you're on the go in Yorkville, NY this winter, our Steet-Ponte Mazda associates want you to stay safe. One essential factor of safe winter driving is keeping your speed well under the limit, and you lessen the chances of a spinout if you avoid hard braking. Another important factor that can boost safety on snow- and ice-covered roads is getting winter tires, but which type do you choose?

Studded tires and studless tires are designed to improve winter driving performance. While studded tires provide you with the most traction of the two, they're not legal in all states. In addition, you're only permitted to use them at certain times of the year in some states that permit them. Be sure not to drive on dry road surfaces with studded tires.

Studless tires can be used all winter, which is why most drivers use this type of winter tire. These tires are sharp at the edges and have deeper traction to provide you with a superior grip.

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