As time passes by, the headlights of your vehicle will begin to wear out and turn yellowish. However, this should not worry you since there are a couple of DIY headlight restoration ideas.

Firstly, you can restore your headlights using vinegar. To use this DIY headlight restoration idea, you will require a bowl, a cleaning towel, and vinegar. Once you have these components, remove the cover of your headlight, soak it in the vinegar for an hour, wipe it gently with the towel and replace the headlight back to its position.

Secondly, you can use your toothpaste to restore your headlights. Simply apply your toothpaste gently on the headlight cover and make sure that the toothpaste spreads on every part of the headlight. You will continue spreading the toothpaste all over the headlight until the toothpaste is evenly distributed on the headlight.

The headlight restoration tricks shared in this blog may not provide long-lasting headlight solutions and you may want to seek professional assistance from our Steet-Ponte Mazda in Yorkville, NY.

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