You Can Schedule Service for Your Mazda at Steet-Ponte Mazda

You want to get the most from your Mazda when you're out on the road in Yorkville, NY. With regular maintenance and some help from the Mazda service professionals at Steet-Ponte Mazda, you'll keep your vehicle's performance high and get years of driving from your Mazda.

Tire Maintenance

You may love taking a leisurely drive in Utica, but without regular tire maintenance, you can't get far. Your tires benefit from consistent attention and reward you with reliable performance and an extension in their lifespan. Keep an eye on your tire pressure via your dashboard readout or with manual pressure checks. Your technician can check your tires as part of a safety inspection. It's also good to rotate your tires about every six months to avoid wearing your tires unevenly.

Engine Care

The most important engine care you can do for your Mazda is regularly changing the oil. As the oil runs through your engine, it lubricates the parts but also picks up grit and dust, whisking them away and adding years to your engine's lifespan. You'll also get improved gas mileage as you drive through Rome. Other engine components like belts, gaskets, and hoses benefit from occasional checks. Your technician can also monitor and refill any systems requiring fluid to work properly, like your radiator and transmission.

Brake Service

Brakes are excellent at announcing any issues they have, whether it's with a shrill squeal or a loss of performance. If your commute in New Hartford involves a lot of stop-and-go traffic, you can expect your brakes to wear much faster than other drivers who drive fewer miles and travel on smooth roads. In addition to replacing your brake pads, you'll also need to have your brake fluid replaced every few years to maintain safe performance.

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